“The natural force within each of us is that greatest healer of all.”

- Hippocrates, Greek physician –

Hippocrates (460-377BC) is legendary because he envisioned and created
the practice of medicine as we know it. He emphasised on the ethics,
compassion, method and principles in treating humans suffering from
diseases. He wrote, “Natural forces within us are the true healers of
The key to his way of treatment was
keeping the body in balance.

Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, the master and founder of Homoeopathy, a genius, envisaged this statement better than others in those days, to have formulated a complete system of medicine and developed it into a powerful and practical tool within a single lifetime.

I have devotedly dedicated twenty-eight years of my life to the practice and spread of Homeopathy. I continue to explore and deepen my understanding of this wonderful system of medicine which was discovered by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann about 200 years ago.

I believe that HEALTH is about having the vigour and ability to enjoy life to the fullest and to cope with whatever life demands. Choosing homeopathy will help you and your family to achieve this level of vitality using natural remedies without harmful side-effects.

The ups and downs, the curves and dips along with the superfast pace of life affect us tremendously. These effects cause severe damage which lasts temporarily in some but in few it can be permanent. Homoeopathy offers a safe and simple form of treatment for all these physical and emotional complaints. It can be consumed by any individual, children, babies and pregnant women. As an experienced Homoeopath we listen to you, understand you and prescribe medicine tuned to you.

“The germ is nothing; the terrain is everything”

- Louis Pasteur, French chemist -

Homeopathic medicine treats the person as a whole rather than treating specific conditions in isolation. It is chosen to fit the unique pattern of symptoms presented by the individual and thus tackles the disturbance in their immune system as a whole. To us as a Homoeopath you are more than just another ‘case’ of migraine, asthma or ulcers etc. you are different and so are your experiences, reactions, feelings etc. Homeopathy has a personalised approach to healing.

The Homoeopath individualises and considers a wide range of aspects – physical, mental and emotional states, personality traits, physical features, the effects of a variety of environmental influences, lifestyle, patterns of disease within your family and relationships. The range of conditions that can be treated is limitless, including those without a name or known cause.