To streamline our functioning, a few clinic guidelines are enlisted below

  • You can get in touch with us on our clinic numbers regarding appointments, queries, doubts, follow-ups etc. from Monday to Friday - 9.30 am to 8.30 pm, Saturday – 9.30 am to 6.30 pm. We are closed on Thursday mornings and Sundays.

  • Please Mute Your Cell Phone Before Entering Dr. Humranwala’s Cabin.

  • Please maintain silence in the waiting room and in the compound of the building.

  • Do not park your car at the circle as the towing vans are always around.

  • Please spare 2-2 ½ hours for your first new appointment consultation. Once your new case is registered, the subsequent follow-up consultation consumes less time.

  • Kindly be there when your token number is called out, it will be difficult for us to accommodate you in between once your turn is missed. If missed, you will be given another token number.

  • Please do not lose the tokens which are given to you. Deposite the tokens at the reception when you collect the medicine.

  • IN CASE OF ANY ACUTE PROBLEM, e.g. Fevers, vomiting, loose motions etc. kindly talk to the assistant doctor. They will consult Dr. Humranwala, take instructions from her and reply accordingly.

  • All the phone calls are generally attended by the assistants first. Your complaints will be noted and passed on to Dr. Humranwala. Even if you ask for medicines and have not spoken to Dr. Humranwala personally, all the prescriptions will be given ONLY by her except when she is out of town.