Understand patients through their temperaments and get closer to their real self. The Tempraz Expert System helps you calculate the patient's temperaments. Get deeper insights into 5 basic Temperaments. It allows you to arrive at the similimum from a different perspective.

Knowing temperament of patient means knowing his “real self” and hence, is the basis of the accurate homoeopathic prescription.
Homoeopathy considers that each human being is different and unique & this forms the intrinsic core i.e. our temperament which is very unique and cannot be changed.

Now, we can convert patient language or day to day language in to rubrics with ease. Tempraz Expert System, an outstanding technological solution by Dr. Parinaz Humranwala & Mind Technologies helps you practice with utmost ease taking into consideration the 5 basic temperaments, namely Sanguine, Melancholic, Choleric, Phlegmatic and Nervous.

Tempraz Evaluation helps you to zero in to the temperament of the patient, and find his similimum.
It forms the heart of the software and guides you to precise rubrics and helps you evaluate the temperament of the patient.
It’s fun and learn at the same time!

Most important and unique feature of Tempraz is ‘Temperament Quotient’ which helps you to determine the dominant temperament of the patient. It is an intelligent calculation based on your grading and years of experience of the expert.
Now, the temperament filter can be applied to the repertorisation sheet based on this result.

Tempraz Materia Medica gives you a next level understanding of the drugs in the light of temperaments direct from the source books.
This ensures authenticity of the study and gives you an accurate remedy picture.

As the name suggests, ‘Temperament Insights’ gives us an insight into the Temperaments right from introduction to the ‘Temperament Town’.
This feature is ideally suited for beginners and also for the doctors who are aware about the temperaments to refresh their memory.