MEDICINE INSTRUCTIONS FOR PATIENTS: Kindly Read The Instructions Carefully.


  • For the powder packet - Half an hour before and half an hour after the powder don’t eat or drink anything, not even water. For the medicine to act to its fullest this precaution needs to be taken.
  • For the Pills – 15 minutes before and 15 minutes after the pills do not eat or drink anything, not even water. For the medicine to act to its fullest this precaution needs to be taken.
  • DO NOT use mentholated sweets / chocolates. Avoid use of mentholated toothpastes or do not take medicines immediately after brushing. Do not use Vicks, Iodex or any mentholated ointments or balms.
  • DO NOT use Camphor/ Kapur in any form in the house. For example – in clothes or in form of any herbal medicines. DO NOT use Eucalyptus/ Nilgiri in any form.
  • DO NOT expose the medicines to sunlight. DO NOT refrigerate them.
  • DO NOT apply any local applications on your skin. No medicated lotions or ointments or balms or creams to be used. For your skin complaints, if required use Coconut oil, Olive oil or Cow’s ghee. Non-medicated lotions or moisturisers like Vaseline, Nivea, Ponds, Olay etc. can be used.
  • AVOID using strong perfumes or deodorants or cologne. Spray perfume on clothes instead of direct usage on skin.
  • AVOID use of raw onion and garlic especially few hours before and after the medicine. Cooked onion or garlic is permitted.
  • AVOID strong coffee. Coffee intake should be kept to the minimum about 1-2 cups per day.
  • AVOID smoking, tobacco, alcoholic drinks, misri as it will affect the action of the medicine.
  • Take the pills in the cap of the bottle and place them directly on the tongue. Do not touch the medicated pills or powder. Place them on the tongue and do not chew them, let them dissolve.
  • If by chance you drop the pills, discard them. Do not consume the pills once fallen. Do not reuse the containers as they may carry the previous medicine properties.
  • Please tell your practitioner about all drugs, strong herbs, diet pills, birth control pills, etc. that you are taking. Under no circumstances should you stop allopathic drugs without first consulting your physician and informing your homeopathic practitioner.
  • Dietary changes if required will be suggested separately.
  • There may be certain times when we may advise you to consume the medicines in water. The instructions for consuming medicines in water are:
    Take 10 t-spoons of water in a glass. Add 16 pills to it from the bottle given. STIR this water with the spoon 50 times in one direction. Now from this take one t-spoon of water. Then cover the glass and keep it aside (away from direct sunlight). After 2 hours, again STIR the same water 50 times and take one t-spoon from it. Continue to take one t-spoon every two hours BUT REMEMBER TO STIR IT EVERYTIME. The same water can be continued the next day till it lasts. When asleep you may not take the medicine and start it again after you wake up. The liquid need not be kept in the fridge.