All allergies are overreaction of immune system to certain substances.

Following Allergy prevention tips will go a long way in avoiding allergies:

  • AVOID CERTAIN FOODS - Once it is known that certain food items cause allergic reaction, you should avoid eating those food items.
  • DO NOT consume food which is refrigerated.
  • AVOID curd, cold drinks, cold juices, ice creams, chocolates, sugarcane juices, nuts etc.
  • FRUITS WHICH CAN BE CONSUMED - Apple, Pomegranate, Papaya, Chikoo.
  • AVOID OTHER FRUITS like banana, oranges, sweet lime, grapes, watermelon, sitafal, coconut water etc.
  • AVOID EATING FOOD that contains colour or preservative. Avoid food containing monosodium glutamate [ajinomotto].
  • Wear a face mask - Use a mask when vacuum cleaning or any other activity where you are likely to expose allergens that might cause you problems. For example gardening exposes to pollens.
  • Keep your car clean – Make sure that your car is clean from inside. Dust mites and allergens easily get collected in the interiors of cars.
  • Wash Bed sheets and linens - Make sure that your linens are well-washed preferably in hot water. This helps in getting rid of allergens if any.
  • Minimize clutter - Keep your closets and drawers neat and clean. Don't let dust and allergens collect on these places. Get rid of unnecessary items from home. If possible avoid carpet on flooring where dust mites find their heaven.
  • Avoid smoking or passive smoking - Some people are allergic to cigarette smoke. If you are one of them then ensure that you don’t stay longer in any smoking area. Maintain a smoke free environment.
  • Avoid animal dander - Animal dander is one of the very big causes of allergy. If you are allergic then remove pets from home. You will feel relief within days.
  • Avoid mosquito repellents – These are known to cause allergies in children and adults.
  • Avoid soft toys as they can gather a lot of dust. [Children are generally possessive about them and even want to hug them while sleeping].