A retired Government officer, Mr. A.U., aged 67 years came to our clinic along with his son.

He said, “Doctor few days ago I suddenly experienced pricking pain on the back which radiated to the chest. I thought it was just routine pain and so I applied Iodex and Volini. But the pain persisted and then gradually small eruptions were seen. Then I felt severe burning pains on the back and chest area. A doctor diagnosed it as Herpes and gave me some medications. Now, there is still lot of burning and pain. The eruptions also still persist. (He had lesions on the left side back and chest, red angry looking eruptions some with thick, white and yellow scaly skin).

After starting the allopathic treatment the skin of my palms started peeling and I suffered from severe constipation.

I also have pain in the scapular region. I had jerked my arm, so the pain has increased. My appetite has reduced due to Allopathic medications, but appetite got better after stopping the medications. I drink a lot of water daily. I love to eat sweets and fruits. I can bear cold temperature; even at zero degrees I am comfortable. I prefer the winters, while in summer I feel irritated, don’t like the summer weather. I can bathe with warm or cold water. While sleeping a thin bed sheet is enough all throughout the year (even when in North India winter – one or two thin blankets are enough).

I get good, sound sleep but due to burning pains my sleep gets disturbed. There is saliva drooling at night. Occasionally, I get dreams of thieves. Whatever I think in the day I may dream that at night.

I am a very short tempered person. Do not like if anyone lies to me or if I have to lie to someone. I get highly irritated if any person does not follow rules. I demand discipline; I expect rules to be followed . When I ask someone to perform some work, I expect it to be done that way. If he or she does not do it I get very irritated. When angry I scold and can fire the person and if needed, I will even hit them. I am a very straight forward person. I do not hesitate to speak against anything that is wrong. Be it anyone, if he is wrong I will fire him. If anyone abuses me, then I will thrash him back. If I am not wrong, I will not listen to anyone. But if I am wrong I will apologise even to a little boy.

I love travelling and have roamed all over India about 4 times. I love the natural climate. I like the Himalayan Ranges. On my recent trip, for an hour I was sitting on ice. I feel the herpes must have happened due to that.

My mother expired when I was small and my father would go for work. So I used to stay alone in a big house even in my childhood. I was told that when I was a kid, a cobra came and stood with his hood in front of me and I wasn’t scared at all.

In the office my bosses respect me due to my nature. In office meetings, if they say anything wrong, I do not agree with them. I will tell them that it is wrong and that I will not follow it. I would not like if the Government incurs any losses. I am a non-corrupt person hence people still continue to respect me even today. If others behave corrupt I stand up against it, I will not tolerate it, will try to stop them but alone I cannot do much, so have to leave it. Any injustice done to me or anyone irritates me a lot.”

After a complete case taking, patient was given the indicated medications. In a span of next few days patient had improved considerably. The eruptions started settling. The burning and pains were much better. Post-herpetic neuralgia which would be expected in such a case with severe herpes zoster did not remain for more than 2 weeks. After beginning the homoeopathic medications the patient has not resorted to local applications or oral allopathic medicines.

Hence, with the help of such cases one can conclude that even in acute ailments Homoeopathy can bring about rapid and gentle cure.