Mr. XYZ, came to us with the following complaints -

  1. Large Right side Salivary Gland Calculi since the last 16 years. It has been infected often. Once he had to be hospitalized due to severe infection. Hence, he has been advised immediate surgery. Patient was referred to us as he wanted to avoid the surgery.

  2. He experiences retro-sternal burning due to irregular food habits. This is accompanied by headaches.

In the past he has suffered for Hives. Also, he has had jaundice and Koch's about 20 years ago.

He loves to eat Sweets, Chocolates, Ice cream, Chicken, Curds.
He gets disturbed sleep due to lots of dreams. He dreams of plane crashes where he helps people. He also gets this particular dream of having arguments with his father.

Life Situation –
His childhood was not very pleasant. He witnessed constant verbal fights between his parents and hence he was always a withdrawn child.
His father was very strict and dominating. Being the only child, patient was always over-protected.

Hygiene is very important to him. He gets very anxious about his health. If anything goes wrong he immediately consults a doctor.

He is very short tempered if things do not go the way he wishes. He abuses his workers if the work is not done to his satisfaction. When not at work he tends to get lazy and avoids doing any other work.

He is highly ambitious and is considered one of the best in his profession.
He is habituated to drink and smoke since many years.

On the first day of consultation after a detailed case-history medicines were prescribed and the patient was explained how to consume them. On the next day the patient rang up to say that he had severe body ache and he is surprised that the calculi has shifted and cannot be felt at the jaw line. Patient was asked to continue the same medications.
The very next day the patient passed a large almond shaped calculi with no bleeding or any oral discomfort. The patient handed over the Salivary calculi to me as a momento which is clicked and put up below.