Mr. K A aged 28 years; a thin man came to our homoeopathic OPD with the chief complaint of:

A non-healing Varicose ulcer which had persisted for the last seven years. He had even got himself operated at KEM hospital wherein even skin grafting had been done. The concerned internee took the detailed history. This man had been treated by the Allopathic school by various modes including operative procedures, local applications, and prolonged periods of hospitalization were undertaken so as to immobilize his limb and thereby allow the ulcer to heal

The other complaint that he had was a recurrent tendency towards cough and colds. His colds were worse from having ice cream especially during the summer season. He came from a very poor family and did not get along well with his father. Not a single time was this man ever accompanied by any family member in his various follow-ups. Every time that I would ask him about this he would reply, "My father is also ill and he too has had a non-healing varicose ulcer and I surely would not want to trouble him. We are poor people and have lots of problems and we are all struggling on our own."

The patient worked in south Mumbai and he stayed far away in the suburbs. He travelled daily by train in the second- class compartment and found it very difficult to stand during his journey. The Ulcer would ooze and there would be a sero-sanguinous discharge, which would run down his legs. After he reached work he would undo his dressing and re-dress his wound. He was often reprimanded by his boss, as he wasted a lot of time in looking after his wound. “I have always borne the scolding of my boss and never ever have I back- answered, as I know that it is my fault. These ulcers are extremely painful”, and so saying he removed the dressing for us to see the oozing ulcer. “I am getting a type of pricking pain at the corners of the wound as if a small pin were pricking me, sometimes here and sometimes there.”

(With great preciseness, he would explain the areas of discomfort in the ulcer. I observed him to be slow while narrating his complaints, as also in his movements.)

"I generally do not like to interact with people as I am a shy person. However when it comes to work, I do my duties well because if I did not earn how would I be able to spend for my treatment. Life has now become a big burden. Since I cannot look after myself, I cannot even think of getting married. I try to remain as clean as possible but in spite of that I have this skin problem. My family people feel that I am very pessimistic by nature. I'm not much of a people's person and prefer to be silent and listen than talk really.

On Sundays when I do not have to go to the shop I refuse to leave my house. I wake up in the morning, take a bath, do my dressing and lie down. I get up again in the afternoon to have my meals and then again go to sleep."

Usually his sentence would begin by saying, “Doctor, sorry for the trouble that I am causing you.” I suggested to him that he should leave his job and take up some business, which he could operate from home so that he did not have to travel for so many hours. Also lifting the heavy bales of Raymond's suiting was probably making his problem worse. He clearly told me, “I'm not cut out for business. I'll surely land up as a failure. I'm not very good at talking to people either and hence cannot think of any other job too. In fact I am thankful to my present boss for being so accommodative.” (To me he appeared as a discouraged young man who at the age of 28 seemed to be aged 82)

Physical generals-
Appetite: He has an average appetite. He is a vegetarian. He observes a lot of religious fasts and claims that he feels distinctly better on those days.
Thirst: Moderate. I like to take cold water especially in summer but it does not agree with my system.

Cravings:  He is fond of eating ice creams. He likes to have warm food.
Perspiration:  He does not sweat a lot, as the show-room is air- conditioned.
Thermals:  Likes to be covered and prefers Mumbai summers. He feels cold easily.
Sleep:  Sleeps well, but wakes up if the sticky discharge from the ulcer soils the mattress.

Medicines were prescribed on the basis of the history given. He was asked to follow up within a week. After one week the ulcer had started to heal. The patient started feeling happier and was sleeping more peacefully. In less than 2 months the ulcer healed completely. Thereafter, the ulcer never recurred.